[Libburn-hackers] Re: Test request to owners of recent Linux kernels

Zsolt Kúti la.tinca at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 07:16:52 CDT 2009

On Sun, 11 Oct 2009 13:41:33 +0200
"Thomas Schmitt" <scdbackup at gmx.net> wrote:

Hello Thomas,
> > Also used xorriso to check TOC info and then mounted various
> > sessions, that seemed to work.
> So the successful command was the following ?
>   mount_cd9660 \
>      -t cd9660 -o noexec,nosuid \
>      -s <block-address> <device-path> <mount-dir>
mount_cd9660 \
      -o noexec,nosuid \
      -s <block-address> <device-path> <mount-dir>
mount_XXX commands already implies type information, no need for
"-t ...".
> If so, then i'll change the mount command for
> FreeBSD in xorriso accordingly.

> > Question 1:
> > Mounting different sessions on a correctly written disk should show
> > only the content of the just mounted session?
> This depends much on the way the new session is
> related to the older ones. Theoretically one
>     -mount outdev volid '*2009_08_22*' /mnt
> or by session number
>     -mount outdev session 3 /mnt
Thank you for the detailed explanation. I was asking it because I was
not sure what would a successful test mean: mounting happens, or this
and plus what one is supposed to see.
> > Question 2:
> > What you are aiming at is to be able to use the same command for
> > linux and FreeBSD for mounting a given session, so that no branching
> > logic is required in your code?
> Ah no. That's futile. I just want to know what
> has to be done in the FreeBSD branch. xorriso
OK, understood.
> I used your presence on the list to verify some
> older FreeBSD hearsay.
> Well, it turned out to be a good idea to ask you.
> The other valuable info you gave me is the fact
> that FreeBSD has no mount lock on devices and
> i need no backdoor to mount two sessions from
> the same DVD.
I am here if you need further FreeBSD specifics.

Thanks for the works! I found libburn in the need of finding
alternative to k3b, since for some time it doesn't work for me and
could not get any help in finding out why. Probably it has an issue
with SATA drives. On the other driving force expect soon a post
in another thread.

Zsolt Kúti

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