[Libburn-hackers] GUI on libburn/xorriso

Zsolt Kúti la.tinca at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 14:58:09 CDT 2009


I've been thinking on making a GUI that uses libburn.
It would be Java-based. My first intinct was/is to use libburn via
a binding (if this is the correct term). In a rudimentary attempt I
used JNA/jnaerator to prepare one and succesfully queried a drive
After this, there was a thread on xorriso and that would be an other
option, it seems.

Why the latter certainly  seems to be easier, the first may give finer
access to functionalities. At present only one thing comes to mind: GUI
is required to give visual feedback on  what's going on. Using xorriso
the only option to accomplish this seems to be parsing output strings,
which is not appealing.
Using libburn has the drawback of knowing much more internals, the
interplays of functions etc.

 I would like to here your opinion on these.

Thank you!

ps.: even better if there is one already waiting for use :-)

Zsolt Kúti

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