[Libburn-hackers] Re: GUI on libburn/xorriso

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Thu Oct 15 16:10:24 CDT 2009


> After this, there was a thread on xorriso and that would be an other
> option, it seems.

I am waiting for somebody who is willing to
invest time in a xorriso GUI.
I imagine a double headed file manager which
allows to copy files from hard disc to ISO image
and vice versa. It should allow to manipulate
files inside the ISO image.
A typical usage cycle would be:
- Load existing ISO image or start with empty one
- Perform xorriso actions on the image
- When all intended operations have been made,
  commit pending changes to media.

> Why the latter certainly  seems to be easier, the first may give finer
> access to functionalities.

If you want to do ISO 9660 multi-session then
xorriso or its lowest level, libisoburn, would
be the right choice.
They coordinate libisofs and libburn. They also
make the various media types quite uniformly
usable. For libisoburn API see libisoburn.h.

> At present only one thing comes to mind: GUI
> is required to give visual feedback on  what's going on. Using xorriso
> the only option to accomplish this seems to be parsing output strings,
> which is not appealing.

Just say how you want your feedback and xorriso
will try to give it to you. You can link with
the xorriso code, create a xorriso object and
operate it via its API.

I can offer libxorriso.so if this eases the use
from Java:
- download from bzr resp. SVN:
    libisofs, libburn, libisoburn
- unpack, build and install libisofs and libburn
- unpack libisoburn (and the included xorriso)
- cp xorriso/makefile_libxorriso_am.txt \
- build and install libisoburn
This should yield libisoburn.so, libxorriso.so
and a very small xorriso binary consisting only
of its main program. (see end of

The existing API is described in
xorriso/xorriso.h There are roughly three
- Functions for use by a main program
- Functions for operating the message system
  of xorriso.
  If you find new needs then this will be
- Functions which represent xorriso options
  (commands). The meaning of the options is
  described in man xorriso.
  This would be a list of proposals what
  settings and actions the GUI could offer.

> Using libburn has the drawback of knowing much more internals, the
> interplays of functions etc.

And you would have to invent the multi-session
wheel again.

libburn or libisofs alone would make sense if
you want to do audio CD or if you want a lean
application for single session ISO 9660.
If you want it extra lean without own filesystem
capabilities, see libburn-*/test/libburner.c
which shows some basic gestures on libburn.

Have a nice day :)


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