[Libburn-hackers] Re: GUI on libburn/xorriso

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Sat Oct 17 09:44:53 CDT 2009


George Danchev:
> Whay would be the rationale for another burning GUI. We already have xfburn 
> which links with libburn and libisofs, and k3b which could be configured to 
> call almost any low level tool like cdrskin or xorriso and so forth.

None of the GUIs makes use of xorriso's special
capabilities. E.g. to do ISO 9660 multi-session
on nearly any media and file type, to perform
incremental backups, to record ACL, to compress
zisofs on-the-fly, to add MD5 checksums,
to read what it wrote (beware of Linux mount and
files >= 4GB), ...

k3b is bound to the mkisofs interface which just
allows to add more files. No delete, no rename,
no chmod or chown.

xfburn has access to such manipulations via
libisofs. (I am embarrassingly uninformed about
its details - as i am a nearly-no-GUI person.)
I would appreciate if David Mohr would adapt
to libisoburn or (lib)xorriso for the ISO 9660

libisoburn gives the multi-session capability
for DVD+RW, BD-RE, disk files, block devices.

xorriso gives a complete set of commands to
manipulate ISO 9660 images and to burn them.
It provides a complete encapsulation of the
libraries so one has to deal only with one API
rather than three.
(Nevertheless for xfburn which has audio
capabilities there will remain the need to
access libburn directly.)

I will support any effort to make libburnia
usable via GUIs programs (not as GUI tester,
but as provider of library features).
Typically there should be some for Gnome and
some for KDE.
I expect it will not be the established programs
because they miss in libburnia the capabilities
to perform exotic CD burning and to format UDF
filesystems for DVD-video.

So i hope for xfburn or for other programs to
come. The user attention they can gain would
surely outperform the attention for xorriso by
far. They would have something to show that k3b
has not.

Have a nice day :)


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