[lxml] pypi still pointing to codespeak.net

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Tue Jul 26 06:16:32 CDT 2011

tomw, 26.07.2011 13:02:
> trying to install lxml via the python setuptools, pypi ist still
> pointing to codespeak.net which in consequence creates an error as
> codespeak isn't in operation any longer.

Right. The problem is this page:


PyPI collects all URLs from all existing versions of lxml that it knows 
about, including those that I explicitly disabled, and setuptools seems to 
read the URLs from that page. And I'm not going to manually update all PyPI 
pages of all lxml versions I've ever released.

According to the setuptools docs, this should work, however:

   easy_install --allow-hosts=lxml.de,*.python.org lxml




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