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Tue May 11 07:07:57 CDT 2010

Well... Me and Sara F. went to have a meeting with Boo and this guy Mikael
that helps him with selling lots on his land to expand Mölnbo in this
direction and all along samhället.
It was something I knew could be coming but it was pretty shocking to me
So there was some good new and some pretty darn bad news as well. The
meeting itself was ok, they like our vision, but now with his new
negotiations with kommunen it is basically like starting from scratch with
everything regarding us!! Very crazy, I very much wish that he would have
mentioned all those things at a bit earlier stage.
-So, it seems impossible to have a long-term lease like we wanted.
-It seems impossible to have all of the little forest hill in the direction
of Mölnbo.
-Boo seems hesitant now about renting us the forest.
-Boo doesnt want us to have the field below the garden since he wants to
build the pond there and possably sell it as a lot later on (we could buy
-It seems impossible to build any structures without a building premit,
especially for living (apart from Yurts, Wagons or other
movable/semi-permanent structures). Only for animals or farmwork.

This is I guess not only about Boo beeing evil (although there is no doubt
that he behaves like a complete psychopath) But also that a lot of things
have become clear to him in the process of working with communen and this
guy Micke who know all the rules, and the fact that there will be people
from kommunen lurking around in the area in the next year working on the
detail plan.

Soo, the positive things:
-Boo is willing to cancel his EU bidrag so we can do all we want here on top
and west of here.
-So we are now free to grow on as much of the land as we want.
-Some neighbours of ours, that always had their horses here before would
love to have the horses on what ever land we don't grow on and that can
bring in some money for rent. And they have a small horse that they love
help with riding from Vida and other kids.
-It will have to be cheaper, since we won't be able to do alot of the things
we wanted. They talked about it being 35,000Kr a year, but that is not
certain. The negotiations continue.
-This all forces us to stay simple and work in a diffrent way. Not thinking
too big right away but to take one step at the time and make what we have
really nice.
-If we do that and keep it nice here I am sure it will effect our chances of
being here permanent.
-We can also see this as a good way to have a place to be and meet and work
together, although we wont be able to make permanent homes/structures as we
hoped and we will have to present to the outer world as a allotment growing
-When and if we feel too limited here we can look for another place, and off
course this will be diffrent for all of us, maybe some feel too limited
right away, or some could find living quarter nearby somehow.
-For some of us, the most important thing is the group. That we get to know
each other and see who really wants to live together in this way, If it
doesnt work out here in the long term then we could always look for
somewhere else together or split up into different groups. Maybe this short
term thing could be a positive way to start living together?

I guess the major issue is how to actually live here for us who have already
set our minds on that.
I think we can fit a few vagons. We would have to stay close to the houses
it seems.
For me personally I think it would be a good idea to insulate and build a
few rooms in the big barn. Everyone doesn't agree and think that would be
putting to much work into something we can't bring with us. I guess my veiw
of this is very much based on my wish to make it work here and my hopes of
staying here for a long time. If we can get for example the Leader bidrag
and use money that is not ours, it would feel even easier. Don't know if
this is possible for building homes.
It seems like maybe we can get 5 years lease on the houses, but only year by
year on the fields.

Us who are here now still feel like we want to stay now and see how things
develop. Big spiritual challange to feel safe with out any long-term
contract. And also hard to invest a lot. But we sure have a lot of work to
do as it is with just growing food.
Well..well.. Please share your thoughts and feelings with us.

It would be good for us to talk about this together in person.

Lots of love,


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