[MOSAIC-news] Welcome Charter Members!

Randall Pruim rpruim at calvin.edu
Wed Jul 21 08:29:48 CDT 2010

If you receive this message, you may officially consider yourself a  
charter member of our new mailing list.  Since the list is new, it  
remains to be seen what sort of traffic it will have, but we'll do our  
best not to clutter up your inbox unnecessarily.  Here are some things  
you can expect to see from time to time:

  * announcements about Project MOSAIC activities (M-Casts, workshops,  
sessions at meetings, etc.)

  * announcements about other meetings and opportunities that may be  
of interest (watch for messages coming soon about MathFest, JSM (Joint  
Statistical Meetings), and SC10 ("SuperComputing"))

  * invitations to join other projects, mailing lists, etc.

Now for your assignment (optional, of course):

1)  If you have something to share with the list, send email to mosaic-news at mosaic-web.org 
.  This list is moderated, so it won't be forwarded immediately, but  
if your message seems appropriate for the list, we'll pass it along.

2) Invite others to join the list.  Here's how:

To be added to the list, simply complete the web form at:


The webpage for the project can be found at http://www.mosaic-web.org

3) Provide us some feedback (send it me rpruim at calvin.edu, not to  

The Project MOSAIC PIs have had some conversation about whether it  
would also be useful to have a discussion list.  This list would be  
unmoderated so that any members of the list could post immediately.   
The idea would be to use it for discussion of MOSAIC themes (what book  
do I use for course X?  anyone have a good example of Y? did you see  
this cool TED video? etc. etc.).  If there is sufficient interest in  
such a list, we'll build one.  We'll keep the two separate so that  
those of you who don't want the extra flow through your inbox and  
still get the Project MOSAIC announcements.

Thanks again for your interest in Project MOSAIC.

---Randy Pruim (on behalf of the Project MOSAIC PIs)

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