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Char Beckman from Grand Valley State University (in Michigan) asked  
that I forward the following announcement about a one-day conference  
she is hosting in February.   The focus is on K-12 mathematics  
education, including how the K-12 situation affects undergraduate  

Please forward to other colleagues who may be interested.


Conversations among Colleagues

Common Core Standards: Implications for Mathematics Education

Saturday, February 5, 2011

8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Allendale Campus of Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI

Conversations among Colleagues (CaC) is a conference for K–12  
mathematics teacher leaders and administrators and college and  
university mathematics educators and mathematicians. The focus of the  
2011 CaC is Common Core Mathematics Standards: Implications for  
Mathematics Education. The morning keynote presentation will explore  
the purpose of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), their  
implications, and questions raised. The final keynote, by Zalman  
Usiskin, will highlight positive directions and concerns raised  
throughout the day as well as a curriculum developer’s view of the  
CCSS. Sessions throughout the day will highlight learning trajectories  
for whole number, fractions, measurement, algebra, and geometry, with  
examples for specific grade levels and implications for the  
surrounding grades. Conversations will also be facilitated about  
implications for college/university placement and coursework,  
implications for research and curriculum development, and teacher  
preparation. The CaC conference fee is $45 and $20 for graduate  

For more information, visit us on the Web at http://www.gvsu.edu/math/events/mathinaction/current.html 

Call for Proposals for Conversations among Colleagues (Due Friday,  
October 1, 2010)

For the 2011 Conversations among Colleagues conference, we are  
particularly interested in proposals that focus on your current  
research or curriculum work in mathematics or mathematics education  
related to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) or teacher  
preparation practices that effectively promote student learning in  
Grades K–12.  Some possibilities include your current work with:

·       Innovations in teacher preparation,

·       Innovations in teaching,

·       Research regarding how students (at a particular level) learn  
a particular concept,

·       Mathematics curriculum development for college/university  
mathematics courses required for prospective teachers,

·       Mathematics curriculum development for K–12,

·       Implementing the CCSS in K-12 classrooms,

·       Implications of the CCSS for college/university mathematics  

·       Implications of the CCSS for college/university mathematics  
introductory through capstone courses,

·       Implications of the CCSS on research in mathematics education.

PLEASE NOTE: Speaker proposals for the CaC conference are due October  
1, 2010. Presentation proposal forms are available at the Web address  
above. Because of the early February date for the conferences, you are  
urged to please honor this deadline.

Future Mailing for the Conference

A brochure announcing the full program for CaC will be distributed to  
area teachers, administrators, mathematics teacher educators, and  
mathematicians in early January 2011. To be added to our mailing list,  
please contact Math in Action, mathinaction at gvsu.edu. Email is  
preferred though a limited number of paper copies will be available.  
Please support our efforts to keep conference fees low while also  
preserving the environment in reducing paper use.


Contact conference co-chairs, Charlene Beckmann (beckmannc21 at aol.com)  
or Karen Novotny (novotnka at gvsu.edu) at Grand Valley State University.
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