[MOSAIC-news] Friday's MOSAIC M-Cast: 12:30 EDT

Daniel Kaplan kaplan at macalester.edu
Wed Sep 8 09:47:25 CDT 2010

Just a reminder about the upcoming M-CAST presented by Victor Addona:

*Friday, Sept 10*, at 12:30pm Eastern (11:30am Central, 9:30 Pacific)
 lasting 20 minutes.
Instructions for tuning in to an

For more information on the Friday M-CAST, see the MOSAIC

Those teaching statistics will be interested in a MOSAIC-related webinar,
sponsored by CAUSE <http://www.causeweb.org/>, to be held

*Tues. 14 Sept.* at 2:00-2:30 EDT.

Thomas Moore, Grinnell College

Permutation tests and randomization tests were introduced almost a century
ago, well before inexpensive, high-speed computing made them feasible to
use. Fisher and Pitman showed the two-sample t-test could approximate the
permutation test in a two independent groups experiment. Today many
statistics educators are returning to the permutation test as a more
intuitive way to teach hypothesis testing. In this presentation, I will show
an interesting teaching example about primate behavior that illustrates how
simple permutation tests are to use, even with a messier data set that
admits of no obvious and easy-to-compute approximation.
To sign-up to participate in this webinar, go to
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