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April 1, 2012

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In This Issue: U.S. to Become Oil Exporter * Lower Gas Prices Ahead * Axis
of Oil


U.S. to Become Oil Exporter by 2020, New Report Projects

A new study by the Center on Energy & Society, a North Dakota-based research
organization, calculates that a combination of technological break-throughs
and increased investment spurred by high oil prices will dramatically
increase domestic production from conventional, unconventional, and
ultra-unconventional sources of petroleum and other liquid fuels, and
restore the United States as an oil-exporting nation.

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Federal Bill to Stabilize Gasoline Prices at $2 a Gallon

After months of gridlock, Congressional leaders have apparently agreed to
move forward on a previously stalled energy bill that is claimed will
stabilize retail fuel prices at approximately $2.00 per gallon for gasoline,
and $2.10 for regular diesel. Responding to the political pressure of an
election year, and competing proposals by leading presidential candidates to
bring per gallon prices at the pump down to $2.50, party leaders in both the
U.S. Senate and House of Representatives found an unlikely path to a deal on
comprehensive energy legislation that has been years in the making.

In the final analysis, negotiators basically looked at history and America's
experience in the 1970's, and concluded that federal price controls were the
best option," said Arrhu Sirius, chief of staff for Congressman Tad Bonchers
of Ohio, who helped draft the compromise.

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Russia, China, Iran, North Korea to Form Oil and Gas Pact

In a sudden move that could significantly weaken OPEC and further complicate
national security considerations for the United States and its allies,
ambassadors for Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea concluded talks this
week in the Siberian city of Yakutsk with a non-binding agreement to create
an "axis of oil" and cooperate on exclusive long-term purchase contracts
that would designate each nation as a "most favored" partner regarding the
production, pricing, and consumption of both crude oil and natural gas.

U.S. officials responded swiftly with terse statements of concern and
disapproval. "This sucks," said senior White House energy spokesperson, Weir
Strong. "This changes the rules in the middle of the game, and we're going
to ask the referees to review the video replay," he added, straining to
apply a sports analogy.

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