[Ok-sus] Opportunities for studying food issues?

Wardwell, Ahren S. awardwell at ou.edu
Thu Apr 19 10:11:48 CDT 2012

Hello Oklahoma Sustainability Community!
I am a Master's student in the Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability at the University of Oklahoma. I am in the process of developing my thesis and I thought I would turn to the sustainability network to see if anyone might be aware of opportunities for work, internships, or volunteer activities over this summer. In particular, I am interested in the issues of food security, food access, and food deserts here in Oklahoma. I have a background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and I would like to use these skills to explore and address food issues. I live in OKC, so if anyone is aware of any individuals or organizations in the area that may have need of my skills I would greatly appreciate you sending the info my way. Thank you!

Ahren Wardwell
Graduate Assistant
OU Department of Geography
& Environmental Sustainability
awardwell at ou.edu

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