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"Science of Customer Engagement" webinar registration info below.  Geared toward 
public utilities, but might be helpful to anyone interested in psychology & 
customer engagement.

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Subject: Take one hour to learn how behavioral science can solve one of your 
biggest challenges

The Smart Grid -- the application of digital technology to the electric power 

Take one hour to learn how behavioral science can solve one of your biggest 
Most consumers today take electricity for granted. Cold? Turn up the heat. Need 
more light? Flip a switch. Forget to turn off the AC before heading out? Oh 

But times are changing. As you know, electric utilities need to promote 
energy-saving initiatives - initiatives that can reduce peak load, meet energy 
efficiency mandates and cut carbon emissions. And to be successful, they need 
their customers to be active participants.

Clearly, one of the biggest challenges facing the utility industry today is 
figuring out how to engage consumers, how to get them onboard the energy-savings 
bandwagon. Fortunately, we do have some excellent sources for scientific 
insights that can improve customer engagement. We'll be highlighting those in a 
free webinar next week - and we hope you'll join us.

"The Science of Customer Engagement" webinar begins at 10:30 a.m. Pacific / 1:30 
p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, April 24. Participation is free, though advance 
registration is required.

One of the featured panelists will be Dr. Paul Cole, VP of Consumer Products at 
Tendril, a Boulder, CO-based energy platform provider and leader in creating 
meaningful dialogue between energy service providers and their customers. Cole 
is a psychologist who will explain how insights from behavioral science improve 
home energy reports for maximum engagement and maximum results.

"Our philosophy is that consumer engagement is a journey, not a destination, and 
home energy reports are an important stepping-stone along the way," says Cole. 
"Home energy reports are an ideal entree for a bigger conversation with 
consumers. They can lead to progressively more active and engaging web and 
mobile apps that leverage social interaction in an active learning environment."

Other panelists include: 
	* Patty Durand, Executive Director of the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative, 
the premier research and education nonprofit devoted to a consumer-friendly 
smart grid. She will provide insights from the latest consumer research. 

	* Delta Sonderman, Product Development Manager for Duke Energy, who will 
explain how that pioneering utility applied behavioral insights to its paper 
energy reports to consumers, then operationalized the initiative to roll it out 
at scale. 

Why guess at engagement strategies when you can put science and experience on 
your side? We've recruited some of North America's leading experts for an 
information-packed hour. Don't miss it!

Register now for The Science of Customer Engagement webinar >>  

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