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The Sustainable Financial Institution
It would be an unprecedented versatility to create a financial institution
related global sustainability. Could catalyze all points of investment on
sustainable development. There would be a specialization, a unique, genuine,
original and responsible.
The institution would develop and take care of the financing of projects aimed
at creating smart and sustainable cities globally. Treat the development of
clean energy sources. Finance heavy investments in the area of ​​intelligent
architecture. The institution develop programs focused on waste management.
Show a systematic investment paths to sustainable development in humanity;
Increase green entrepreneurship; Programaria strategic actions aimed at
sustainable development, focused on infrastructure would create clean energy
would create infrastructure for waste management; Create sustainable
infrastructure development in the Netherlands; promote the exchange of clean
technology for sustainable development.

The bank would finance young researchers to develop research on sustainable
development, clean energy, smart city building and other topics related to
sustainable development. This would promote the integration of countries mainly
through the young people who have contact with research funding within several
research centers around the world. The world's youth in various areas would be
linked to the financial institution so that the versatility of research, ideas,
would be a key to global development, since it implemented through actions of
integration of the bank. Would create a talent bank for sustainable development
worldwide. Joining would research in universities with the financial
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