[Ok-sus] permaculture classes starting at crosbie heights community garden sept. 8!

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hey jennifer!   you may register either by responding to the greencountrypermaculture at gmail.com addy, or indicating your intent on this facebook page:

i have visited with sam at length, he has an exemplary grasp of the practice.  as well, matthew truelove has laboured with love on that garden site for a number of years now producing a fine array of crops. (i have a little bit of arugula in my fridge right now from there) with successful participation and interest, this will take the garden to a whole next level.  at the same time, what is now called the phoenix house is in transition from a noble attempt at a neighborhood grocery and social gathering place into more of an arts and healing center.  the introduction of the permaculture discipline will help provide a healthy, literal grounding to the ongoing community building.


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Curtis, where can people sign up for these classes?  This is really 

Jennifer Gooden
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On Aug 27, 2012, at 6:48 PM, "curtis andrew beckwith" <chikaskia at aol.com<mailto:chikaskia at aol.com>> 

sam is an awesome advocate; likable and intelligent, who really cares about this 

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Hey Curtis. Thanks so much for sending this info out. I forgot you were so well 
connected. Hope to run into you soon so we can chat again. Until soon,

- Sam

Join Green Country Permaculture and the 306 Phoenix House as we implement a 
foundation of passive water catchment and perennial food systems into the 
Crosbie Heights community garden. We will make this process available to the 
community through a series of workshops. Classes will cover many topics in the 
spectrum of Permaculture. These workshops can be taken individually, or join us 
for the whole series to really get your thumb and mind green. The classes will 
integrate principles and theory along with hands on experience.


Week 1 9/8

Intro into Permaculture Design
Harvesting/Seed Saving/Preservation
Climate Change and Design Strategy
Observation and Site Analyses

Week 2 9/15

Keyline Design
Soil Ecology: Biochar, Cover Crops, Soil Fauna
Pond Implementation and Pond Ecology

Week 3 9/22

Rainwater Catchment Systems
Swales/ Overflows/ Erosion Control
Roof runoff/ Cement Channeling
First Flush Systems and Plumbing

Week 4 9/28

Native Gardening and Ecology
Cool Season Crops
Mycorrhizae Fungae

Week 5 10/6

Rotational Crop Systems
Winter Cereal Grains
Fertility Crops
Animal Husbandry Design

Week 6 10/13

Forest Gardening
Perennial Food and Forest Ecology

Week 7 10/20

Energy Cycling
Compost Systems
Compost Teas
Growing Fertilizer

Week 8 10/27

Planting Trees

Cost: $15-30 per class on a sliding scale. Cost for entire series is $120-240, 
also on a sliding scale.

All times are 10am - 3pm.

Location: 306 Phoenix House @ 306 S. Phoenix Ave. Tulsa, OK (just west of 
downtown off of Charles Page Blvd./3rd)

Green Country Permaculture
"The Problem is the Solution"
greencountrypermaculture at gmail.com<mailto:greencountrypermaculture at gmail.com>
Sam Sneller (330) 749.8661
James Spicer (928)583.4815

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