[Ok-sus] Invitation to Conspire

Harlan Hentges harlan at organiclawyers.com
Wed Feb 29 10:06:05 CST 2012

I am a Republican-man-made-climate-change skeptic BUT I believe:


1.      Jim Inhofe's rhetoric that climate change is a liberal conspiracy to
take over the world by controlling carbon is carbon is dishonest, illogical,
irresponsible and dangerous.


2.      I believe the appropriate response is to hold him publicly
accountable for his words. 


I invite any Oklahoman who would like to plan and work for the limited
purpose of holding Mr. Inhofe publicly accountable for his words to contact
me via the information below. 


Harlan Hentges


(405) 340-6554  Office 

(405) 808-7669  Mobile

 <mailto:harlan at organiclawyers.com> harlan at organiclawyers.com


Harlan Hentges, PLLC

1015G Waterwood parkway

Suite F1

Edmond Ok, 73034






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