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*Organization helps students go green *

By Rachel Musgrave <http://www.ocolly.com/search?q=Rachel Musgrave>

Sustainability Reporter

Oklahoma State University launched its chapter of Net Impact on Friday. The
chapter is the first in Oklahoma and joins 220 other chapters across the
United States.

Founded by a group of MBA students in San Francisco in 1993, Net Impact is
a non-profit organization that works to promote sustainability, corporate
responsibility and social entrepreneurship on campuses and in workplaces.

"What I liked about this organization is that it's student-led," said Larry
Crosby, dean of the Spears School of Business. "It's heavily-driven by
business schools, but it's not exclusively a business school thing."

The driving force behind the organization on the student side is Patrick
Combs, the chapter's president.

"I found myself frustrated with student organizations," Combs said. "Maybe
we'd have a meeting once a month or bring in a speaker, but ultimately we
didn't do anything."

Combs said Net Impact is all about action and driving positive change. One
of these positive changes that several Net Impact chapters across the
country have brought about is bringing filtered water refill stations to
campuses, which Combs said he hopes to do at OSU.

In addition to helping make green changes to campuses and workplaces, Net
Impact can provide networking opportunities between professionals and
students who are committed to making a difference in their environment.

"What student organization is going to give you the opportunity to sit at a
table with CEOs?" Combs said.

More and more, sustainability is becoming a concern for individuals and
organizations alike.

"Sustainability applies to every field," Combs said. "Gone are the days
when you can be a polluting conglomerate and not worry about what you're
doing to the environment. Investors are paying attention — sustainable
practice equals sustainable business."

Students interested in getting involved with Net Impact or learning more
about the organization can visit netimpact.org or contact Patrick Combs at
patrick.combs at okstate.edu.

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