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I thought that this was worth forwarding in its entirety.
I like the positive approach.

"the best place to start is with your passion"
 Julie Gahn

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Dear Julie, 
Ready for some inspiration? 
Last summer, we wrote asking for story ideas for our new 															podcast 
series. True to form, this community answered the call, nominating 
															dozens of individuals and organizations who’ve rolled up their 
sleeves and 															figured out solutions to some big environmental and 
social challenges.  

Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of The Good Stuff, our monthly podcast 
															series featuring these change makers.  


The first in the series, Take THAT, Plastic Bags, looks at efforts to beat back 
the plastic 															bag attack and features interviews with ChicoBag 
founder Andy Keller, and 															Brownsville, TX community organizer Rose 
Timmer, who led the effort in her city 															to ban the bag.
Listen to, or download, the first podcast now.

Every month, we’ll be releasing a new podcast, complete 															with 
inspiring stories, commentary from our own Annie Leonard, and ways for you 
															to get involved in your own community.
Why apodcast focused on solutions?
It’s a rare day in our office that we don’t hear someone 															say, 
“Iwant make change but I don’t know what to do,” or “I’d like to help, but I’m 
															only one person.”  

We’re 															making The Good Stuff as an antidote to that kind of 

The 															stories we’ll feature prove that the best place to start is 
with your passion 															and that by joining together we magnify our 
power to accomplish remarkable 															things.  

We hope you enjoy the podcasts, embed them on your site or 															blog, 
share them with friends and, most importantly, let us know what you think 
															by leaving a comment on the podcast page. 

We’ll be releasing one podcast a month, so check back 															often for 
the latest inspiration download!  

In the meantime, enjoy, and thanks a ton for everything you do to inspire us.   
Annie, Michael, Allison, Christina, Renée and Naomi 
The Story of Stuff Project Team 


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