[Ok-sus] Article: Cities Reporting Negative Impacts from Warming; Stormwater Most Cited Challenge

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All part of the hoax -  if you believe our senior Senator.

Haiku for our times..........
in our world's fish bowl
we go forth and multiply
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Article: Cities Reporting Negative Impacts from Warming; Stormwater Most 
Cited Challenge

To: Climate Adaptation Committee, Permitting and Compliance Committee & 
Stormwater Workgroup
Cities Reporting Negative Impacts From Warming; Stormwater Most Cited 
By Daniel Pruzin 
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GENEVA—Nearly four out of five cities worldwide are reporting negative 
impacts that they attribute to climate change, resulting in hundreds of 
billions of dollars in damage, a U.N. agency said May 16. Citing the 
results of a global survey 
prepared by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the secretariat 
of the U.N. International Strategy for Disaster Reduction 
<http://www.unisdr.org/> (UNISDR) said cities are increasingly 
connecting climate change with an increase in natural disasters. 
Overall, 79 percent of the 486 cities that participated in the survey by 
MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning reported changes in 
temperature, precipitation, sea level, or natural hazards that they 
attribute to climate change.  <http://www.unisdr.org/>
However, only 19 percent have completed assessments of the impacts of 
climate change on their cities. Increased stormwater runoff and 
stormwater management are the top issues cities anticipate they will 
need to address in the near term.  Sixty-eight percent of reporting 
cities said they are pursuing adaptation planning, with Latin American 
and Canadian cities having the highest rates of engagement (95 percent 
and 92 percent, respectively) and the United States having the lowest 
rate (59 percent).  The majority of the cities surveyed are in the 
United States.  <http://www.unisdr.org/>
UNISDR noted that economic losses due to disasters over the past five 
years totaled more than $800 billion worldwide. 
For More Information :  <http://www.unisdr.org/>
Full text of the report, Progress and Challenges in Urban Climate 
Adaptation Planning: Results of a Global Survey, is available at 
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