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New book From Me to We by Bob Doppelt 

>From Me to We Provides Much Needed Framework To Guide Changes In Thinking
and Behavior Required To Reduce Global Warming and Adapt a Path Toward True

Economic breakdown, rising unemployment and escalating political hostility,
coming at a time of intensifying climate upheaval - storms, floods, heat
waves, and droughts - have left us all confused and despondent. Everywhere
we look, the systems we depend on seem to be collapsing. 

Our first reaction is to blame others for these problems, be they greedy
Wall Street bankers, rapacious corporations, or dishonest politicians of
either the conservative or liberal persuasion. 

But counseling psychologist, ecologist, and leading system change expert Bob
Doppelt has some news for you: The economic, social, and environmental ills
we face today are of our own making. They are the outcomes of how we see and
respond to the world. Only by changing our thinking and beliefs can the
problems we resolved. 

"At the most fundamental level," says Doppelt, "this involves a shift from
responding to the world exclusively through the perspective of 'extreme
individualism' - the lens of 'Me first and only' which includes our
personal, family, and organizational goals and desires - to meeting our
needs by renewing and caring for an expansive 'We' - the many people,
organisms, and ecological processes we are part of that make life possible
and worthwhile." 

In an eye-opening and thought-provoking new book, From Me to We: The Five
Transformational Commitments Required To Rescue the Planet, Your
Organization, and Your Life, Doppelt discusses:

* Why climate change is not, at its core, a scientific, environmental,
energy, technology, or policy problem.

* The dire consequences of outdated and erroneous assumptions, perceptions,
and beliefs about how the planet functions and what it means to live a good

* The difference between first and second order change toward

* The five 'natural laws of sustainability' that society must abide by today
if we are to reduce global warming and live together in relative peace as
temperatures rise by 2C or more above pre-industrial levels.

* Five transformative commitments that can align an individual's personal
thinking and behavior, and that of their organization and community, with
the natural laws of sustainability.

* Practical tips that any individual can use to change their thinking and
behaviors to address environmental, social, and economic problems-and
increase their personal wellbeing.

* How a business or any other type of organization can change its culture
and adopt a path toward true social, economic, and environmental

>From Me to We can be purchased directly from the publisher at:
www.greenleaf-publishing.com <http://www.greenleaf-publishing.com/> ,
www.amazon.com <http://www.amazon.com/> ,www.barnesandnoble.com
<http://www.barnesandnoble.com/>  and through all major booksellers.

Websites: www.me-to-we.org <http://www.me-to-we.org/>  and

About the Author

Bob Doppelt is Executive Director of The Resource Innovation Group (TRIG), a
17-year old sustainability and global climate change education, research,
and technical assistance organization affiliated with the Center for
Sustainable Communities at Willamette University, where he is also a Senior
Fellow. Bob is also an adjunct professor in the Department of Planning,
Public Policy and Management at the University of Oregon where he teaches
systems thinking and global warming policy. In addition, he is a regular
columnist on climate and sustainability issues for two Oregon newspapers.

Bob is trained as a counseling psychologist and as an ecologist. Throughout
his career he has combined the two areas of expertise and focused on
environmentally oriented individual, organizational, and social change.

Bob is the author of The Power of Sustainable Thinking: How To Create A
Positive Future For The Climate, The Planet, Your Organization and Your Life
(Earthscan Publishing, 2008), which in 2010 was rated as 'one of the ten
most important books in climate change' by Audubon Magazine.  

In addition, just six months after publication Leading Change toward
Sustainability: A Change Management Guide for Business, Government and Civil
Society (Doppelt, Greenleaf Publishing 2003), was ranked as 'one of the ten
most important books in sustainability' by a GlobeScan survey of
international sustainability experts 

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