[Ok-sus] Chapter and verse on how CAFO meats harm the environment

Bob Waldrop bwaldrop1952 at att.net
Tue May 29 09:21:43 CDT 2012

In terms of avoiding catastrophic climate change, the Union of Concerned

Scientists has just published the results of their 2 year study to
understand what the best, most productive, and important recommendations
are for addressing climate change. The book is "Cooler Smarter:
Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living" --
http://www.ucsusa.org/news/press_release/cooler-smarter-1382.html .

The book says that what matters most, in the order of importance, is --

(1) What and how much you drive,
(2) The energy you use at home, and
(3) What you eat.

In terms of "what you eat", the biggest issue is red meat from
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. The book is clear that red meat
from pastured, free ranging animals, has a fraction of the emissions of
the CAFO meats and the CAFO meat emissions are, as they say, #3 on the list.

So we can say with some degree of scientific certainty that supermarket 
red meats, sourced from CAFOs, are one of the top three drivers of 
global climate changes.

The what/how much you drive section has some interesting notes, one is
that for long distance trips by one person, flying is preferable to
driving. Overall, however, in terms of travel, the best for the planet
for those of us traveling distances between cities is to "take the bus",
which is even better than the train, partly because in most of the
country, buses travel "more full" than trains (outside of the NE).

The book challenges its readers to reduce their climate-changing
emissions by 20% this year, and gives plenty of practical suggestions
for doing so. This might be the best most practical book on the subject
that I have read.

Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City
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