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Kelley C Smith smithkc at riskiii.com
Mon Nov 5 05:26:46 CST 2012

I used to live in Rep. Kern's district. I still live in the same  
place, but now I'm in another district. Is she running for re- 
election? Term-limited? Anyone know?


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> Regarding Rep. Kern's threat to introduce an Anti-Agenda 21 measure  
> in the Oklahoma Legislature, this is an item that has caught my  
> attention. Sally Kern would like to pass an Oklahoma law modeled  
> after a bill that was approved in Alabama earlier this year.
> I dug up a copy of the Alabama law.  It is a pernicious measure --  
> obviously designed to take a figurative swipe at environmentalists.  
> But, beyond the "culture war" aspect of the measure, it also carries  
> some substantive consequences.
> For example, a significant part of the law would prohibit "the State  
> of Alabama and all political subdivisions" from entering into any  
> agreements or purchasing any goods or services from any organization  
> that has been "accredited and enlisted" by the UN "to assist in the  
> implementation of... Agenda 21."
> As I interpret this provision, it would bar university researchers  
> from purchasing books, reports, periodicals, articles, etc.,  
> published by an array of "non-governmental and inter-governmental  
> organizations" including:
> The World Meteorological Organization;
> The World Health Organization;
> The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization  
> Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC);
> The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations;
> and Many Others.
> It would also prohibit cities and counties in our state from  
> utilizing the resources of non-governmental organizations such as  
> ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability.
> As I see it, this measure is designed primarily to restrict  
> intellectual freedom -- to censor certain information from state and  
> local government agencies.
> A couple of years ago, an employee of our state department of labor  
> -- a specialist in the enforcement of our state's Child Labor Laws  
> -- was invited to attend a conference sponsored by the International  
> Labor Organization in Washington, DC.  Under the legislation  
> envisioned by Rep. Kern, it would be unlawful for state employees to  
> attend such conferences (simply because the ILO is a UN  
> organization). Heaven forbid that our state employees should have  
> access to information from global experts!
> Well, I applaud Tim's resolve to communicate with Rep. Kern. If  
> enough people speak up, perhaps she will be dissuaded from going  
> further down the Alabama road.
> Bill Bryant
> President, Oklahoma City Chapter
> United Nations Association of the USA
> ---- Timothy Tillman <TTillman2 at uco.edu> wrote:
> =============
> Friends,
> I have encountered Mr. Semands and his colleagues during Edmond's  
> attempt to collect public input on the sustainability plan. Their  
> tactics are consistent: disrupt public meetings, shout down  
> opposition and deliberately misrepresent Agenda 21 as a Communist  
> plot. Many of these folks are affiliated with or active members of  
> the John Birch Society (who knew they were still around?) and are  
> well versed in their strategies. I for one see no value in publicly  
> confronting these people as they are well organized and thoroughly  
> unscrupulous. I do intend to mobilize every friend, colleague and  
> supporter to inundate Sally Kern's office with emails, phone calls  
> and letters. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, please let  
> me know!
> Regards,
> Tim
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> Subject: [Ok-sus] Stop Fighting and Get to Work
> Sally Kerns and Robert Semand are using a popular and common tactic  
> to divide people. The purpose of this tactic is to get people to  
> fight instead of work together. Please reject this tactic because it  
> threatens our
> democracy, free market economy and liberty.
> Semand assumes that "social justice" equals "socialism." Logically  
> speaking, "social justice" is a goal for the "common good." Thus,  
> supporting the "common good" is the same as "socialism."
> Semand assumes "social justice" is the opposite of "freedom." The  
> opposite of "social justice" is "social INjustice." Thus "freedom"  
> is the same as "social injustice." "Greed" results in "social  
> injustice," which is the same as "freedom." Thus, if you are for  
> "freedom" you are for "greed."
> Based on this ridiculousness, the culture war for the decade is  
> "socialism vs greed."
> This happened before when "pro-life v. pro-choice" convinced good  
> people to work against -- and even hate -- each other. This tactic  
> has no legitimate purpose. It only gives power to the power hungry.
> Reject this tactic. Fighting is a foolish waste of time and resources.
> Cooperate and work for the common good and promote freedom. Can't  
> you hear your mom or dad saying "stop fighting and get to work."   
> Good advice.
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> against U.N. initiative
> On 10/19/2012 4:58 PM, Shauna Struby wrote:
>> Semands said a laundry list of other terms is associated with the
>> initiative, including social equity or social justice. "If someone
>> says 'social equity' to me, I know I am dealing with a Marxist or
>> someone who subscribes to that sort of theology," said Semands.
>> Semands and Briesch said efforts at promoting light-rail also were
>> part of the agenda because it was designed to become a predominate
>> mode of transportation from one densely populated "human settlement"
>> to another once cars were eliminated, according to the U.N.  
>> initiative.
> When someone says "there is no such thing as social justice," I know  
> I am dealing with someone who benefits from social justice and does  
> not want to lose his or her favored and privileged position.  
> Aristocrats throughout history have always denied that social  
> justice was a matter of the common good, and that is just as true in  
> our time as it was in
> 1789 in Paris.
> Bob Waldrop, OKC
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