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Timothy Tillman TTillman2 at uco.edu
Mon Nov 5 19:15:22 CST 2012

I have nothing to add except my congratulations for the Potemkin Village analogy. I bow before you sir!

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On Nov 5, 2012, at 6:58 PM, "Bob Waldrop" <bwaldrop1952 at att.net> wrote:

> Any way I look at this, Oklahoma City comes out looking bad.
> Did Oklahoma City leaders deliberately do a bad job  on the estimates 
> and thus fraudulently reported the MAPS 3 project would build more 
> sidewalks than was actually the case?
> Or is Oklahoma City staff so incompetent that they don't know how to 
> estimate sidewalks?
> I just find it hard to believe that the staff of Oklahoma City is so 
> incompetent that they "forgot" that the width of sidewalks would change 
> and that there would be driveways.
> I think the most likely explanation is that the mayor and others 
> boosting this program deliberately lied to us in order to get our votes 
> for their schemes.
> I'm glad we're building the sidewalks that are being built.  I mourn the 
> incredible misallocation of resources that other MAPS programs involve, 
> including the new convention center, and the present project to 
> redecorate downtown so we present a cute Potenkin Village face to the 
> world.
> Bob Waldrop, OKC
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