[Ok-sus] Food Dialogues Did anybody watch?

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Hear, hear Harlan!


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. clicked on the link below and watched some snippets.  Based on my brief
sampling,  it was not about "food"  and it was not a "dialogue".   It was,
IMO, orchestrated and rehearsed  set of instructions on how you should think
and talk about industrial agriculture.


I thought the most sinister point was the attempt to create a moral
equivalence between multinational corporations that dominate industrial
agriculture and the farmers and consumers who do not want their food supply
to be controlled by multinationals.    


There is no moral equivalence between Monsanto and the Oklahoma Food Coop.

.............no moral equivalence between Tyson and D.A.R.P. 

   ........no moral equivalence between Cargill and Paulette Rink, Charles
Horn, April Harrington, etc. 







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Subject: [Ok-sus] Food Dialogues hosted by the US Farmers and Ranchers
Alliance in New York City-Available Online


If you were unable to watch the Food Dialogues from New York City, they are
available online at http://www.fooddialogues.com/ny-food-dialogues.  The
moderator was Ali Velshi, CNN chief business correspondent and anchor of
Your Money and World Business Today on CNN International.  


The first panel, Media, Marketing and Healthy Choices, examined how the
media's coverage of food and its health benefits have impacted consumer
choice. This discussion also addressed what more can be done to answer
Americans' questions about how their food is grown and raised. Expert
panelists included:

*	Richard Ball, New York vegetable farmer
*	Debbi Beauvais, RD, SNS, New York School Nutrition President and
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesperson
*	Blake Hurst, president, Missouri Farm Bureau
*	Tracie McMillan, author, "The American Way of Eating"
*	Craig McNamara, California organic farmer
*	Carolyn O'Neil, MS, RD, WebMD
*	Kat Kinsman, Managing Editor, CNN Eatocracy


The panel focused on antibiotics entitled, "Your Toughest Questions Answered
on Antibiotics and Your Food," featured experts ranging from veterinarians
to consumer advocates, including: 

*	Keith Ayoob, pediatric nutritionist, Albert Einstein School of
*	Barb Determan, pork producer (Iowa), Heartland Marketing Group
*	Jean Halloran, director of food policy initiatives, Consumers Union
*	Dr. Christine Hoang, DVM, MPH, CPH, assistant director of the
Division of Scientific Activities,  American Veterinary Medical Association
*	Dr. Karen Jordan, Brush Creek Swiss Farms, North Carolina - dairy
farmer and veterinarian


The final panel of the day focused on the use of biotech seeds. This
discussion entitled, "Your Toughest Questions Answered on Biotechnology
(GMOs) and Your Food,"featured the role that biotech seeds has in society,
including benefits and  concerns related to long-term health and the pros
and cons of labeling. Panelists include: 

*	Dr. Bob Goldberg, plant molecular biologist currently using genomics
to identify all of the genes required to "make a seed," University of
California, Los Angeles 
*	Dr. Julie Howard, chief scientist, food security, USAID
*	Gregory Jaffe, director of biotechnology, Center for the Science in
the Public Interest (CSPI) 
*	Fred Kirschenmann, president of the board of directors, Stone Barns
Center for Food and Agriculture and distinguished fellow, Leopold Center for
Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University
*	Cheryl Rogowski, New York organic farmer
*	Jerry Slocum, Mississippi soybean farmer




Heather Buckmaster

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