[Ok-sus] Stop Fighting and Get to Work

Harlan Hentges harlan at organiclawyers.com
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Sally Kerns and Robert Semand are using a popular and common tactic to
divide people. The purpose of this tactic is to get people to fight instead
of work together. Please reject this tactic because it threatens our
democracy, free market economy and liberty.   

Semand assumes that "social justice" equals "socialism." Logically speaking,
"social justice" is a goal for the "common good." Thus, supporting the
"common good" is the same as "socialism."

Semand assumes "social justice" is the opposite of "freedom." The opposite
of "social justice" is "social INjustice." Thus "freedom" is the same as
"social injustice." "Greed" results in "social injustice," which is the same
as "freedom." Thus, if you are for "freedom" you are for "greed." 

Based on this ridiculousness, the culture war for the decade is "socialism
vs greed."  

This happened before when "pro-life v. pro-choice" convinced good people to
work against -- and even hate -- each other. This tactic has no legitimate
purpose. It only gives power to the power hungry. 

Reject this tactic. Fighting is a foolish waste of time and resources.
Cooperate and work for the common good and promote freedom. Can't you hear
your mom or dad saying "stop fighting and get to work."  Good advice. 

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On 10/19/2012 4:58 PM, Shauna Struby wrote:
> Semands said a laundry list of other terms is associated with the 
> initiative, including social equity or social justice. "If someone 
> says 'social equity' to me, I know I am dealing with a Marxist or 
> someone who subscribes to that sort of theology," said Semands. 
> Semands and Briesch said efforts at promoting light-rail also were 
> part of the agenda because it was designed to become a predominate 
> mode of transportation from one densely populated "human settlement" 
> to another once cars were eliminated, according to the U.N. initiative.
When someone says "there is no such thing as social justice," I know I am
dealing with someone who benefits from social justice and does not want to
lose his or her favored and privileged position. Aristocrats throughout
history have always denied that social justice was a matter of the common
good, and that is just as true in our time as it was in
1789 in Paris.

Bob Waldrop, OKC

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