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Wado for sharing this fascinating and important information!!

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I have been doing some pre-planning for my eventual demise.  I am not in a morbid mood nor am I at imminent risk of said demise (at least I hope not!), BUT because of my work at church, I do funerals all the time and the situation for the family is much easier if there has been some pre-planning done.

I think this is especially true if you want something other than a FORMALDEHYDE-BASED EMBALMING FLUID, a metal coffin, and a concrete vault.

In my discussions with Smith and Kernke, they said they could do whatever I wanted with preplanning.  There are eco-balming fluids available, made from non-toxic materials that don't involve formaldehyde, and I found some interesting things online like biodegradable wicker and cardboard coffins.

But the kicker is the concrete vault.  This is a universal requirement of cemeteries.

WHICH LEADS ME TO THINK. . . . that we need a non-profit charitable association, or a member-owned cooperative, to buy and operate a natural burial ground within a reasonable distance of Oklahoma City.  I'd really like to be buried in such a place, with a biodegradable coffin and no concrete vault, with maybe a nice pecan tree planted on top.  Put a little plaque on the tree, "Here lies Bob Waldrop. Please enjoy the pecans."  I'd forego burial in the family plot for that.

So if you are interested, let me know.  bob at bobwaldrop.net

Here is a link to a natural burial place in Austin Texas, where you AND your pets could be buried, which would be another nice touch.


Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City

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