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Mark Shepard and Brandon Angrisani are returning to Northeast Oklahoma in 
November 1-3 and beyond.  Also joining them on this trip will be Steve Diver, a 
sustainable agri-horitculturist with Oklahoma roots.
We are finalizing the details of this event, and provide the following schedule 
and bios so that you may "save the date".  We hope to see you in November!
Thursday November 1, 2012:
12:30 to 12:55 pm:  Check-In & Registration
Thursday November 1, 2012:
1:00 to 5:00 pm:  Mark Shepard
- Intro to agroforestry and the oak savanna, successional brush land and eastern 
woodlands ecological models
- Intro to Farm-Scale Water Management
Friday November 2, 2012 
8:00 to 8:25 am:  Check-In & Registration
Friday November 2, 2012 
8:30 am to Noon: Steve Diver
– Intro to Soil Food Web and Soil Testing Services
Noon to 1 pm:  Lunch Plans TBD (we’re searching for a caterer that uses local 
Friday November 2, 2012 
1:00 to 5 pm: Brandon Angrisani
– Intro to Multispecies Intensive Grazing & Its Impact on Soil Biology
Saturday, November 3, 2012
8:00 am to 5 pm: Mark Shepard, Brandon Angrisani, Steve Diver
- Live action demo at a local farm; details are being worked out; more info to 

Mark Shepard: 
Mark Shepard, is the owner and manager of New Forest Farms LLC  in Viola, WI. 
Established in 1995, New Forest Farm is a conscious conversion of a typical 
row-crops farm into a perennial agricultural ecosystem using oak savanna, 
successional brushland and eastern woodlands as the ecological models. Trees, 
shrubs, vines, canes, perennial plants and fungi are planted in association with 
one another to produce food (for humans and animals) fuel, medicines, and 
beauty. Hazelnuts and chestnuts, walnuts and various fruits are the primary 
woody crops.  New Forest Farms has been wholesaling produce since 1995 including 
asparagus, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, winter squash and pumpkins. 

            This past summer they became a licensed Hard Cyder winery, and Mark 
regularly stays awake at night inventing farm-scale processing equipment for the 
less-than-common edible woody crops. New Forest Farms is an energy net-positive 
farm operating tractors, a delivery truck and personal auto on farm-raised 
vegetable oil, and selling excess electricity back to the grid. Mark serves on 
the board of the Southwest Badger Resource Conservation and Development Council 
and is the president of The Restoration Agriculture Institute.  

Steve Diver:  
Steve Diver is a former OSU Extension Horticulturist/Agriculture Agent for 
Muskogee and McIntosh counties with 30 years of experience working in organic 
and sustainable agriculture. He developed an interest in soil health as the 
basis for healthy crops and nutrient dense foods as an agriculture specialist 
with the ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, a program 
of the National Center for Appropriate Technology, in Northwest Arkansas.
Steve has lectured and published widely on organic farming, soil biology and 
fertility management, composting, and fruit and vegetable production systems.  
In 2010, he established the Agri-Horticultural Consulting firm in Austin, TX
Brandon Angrisani:  
Brandon Angrisani is Restoration Agriculture Institute’s Vice President and 
Northeastern representative. He is actively developing Restoration Agriculture 
models based on New England’s hardwood forest ecosystems, as well as the 
Oak-Hazelnut savannas of the American Midwest.  Through his work with RAI, 
Brandon teaches, designs, and creates adoptable patterns for rural, agricultural 
community restoration.
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