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Another use for ruined stock tanks is to make compost in them, they have a lot of capacity and keep it contained pretty well.   Any holes in the bottom will allow adequate drainage during rainy seasons.

We haven’t used them for raised beds as Bermuda has a way of weaving it’s evil way in through any holes in the bottom, but I can see they would work well in many circumstances.

Sylvia Pratt


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I've had some good success with stock tank gardens.  It started after our (then) 10 year old son got overly enthusiastic chopping ice with an ax one winter day and ruined the bottom of a stock tank.  Since then we've collected several tanks that have rusted out or have sprung leaks.  Since they are already leaky, they won't hold all the water, but they don't dry out as fast as conventional raised beds.   And I as I get older, I am less and less interested in getting down on the ground to weed, etc. so I really like these.   It's also much easier to control bermuda grass and other weeds.

Barbara Crain

Wagon Creek
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