[Ok-sus] OKC cardboard recycling

Bob Waldrop music at epiphanyokc.com
Mon Dec 16 16:21:39 UTC 2013

Last Saturday the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker community and friends sacked
431 bags of groceries which we delivered to the poor.  This created a mound
of cardboard, maybe 500 lbs, certainly a full size pickup load.  The
Epiphany dumpster is full, the St Charles cardboard recycling dumpster is
full, so I am looking for a cardboard recycler.  I called Waste Management,
but that was apparently a useless call as no live person answered and I had
to just leave a message.  I'd like to get rid of this today so if anyone has
any suggestions about cardboard recycling, I am all ears.


Bob Waldrop


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