[Ok-sus] Heat your home with aluminum cans ???

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Besides cans, what are the best weather/sun durable recyclable
materials to build these out of?  I could install 2 right now on the
south side brick of my 2 story residential and before I drill out the
holes for the airflow convection .. these ideal inlet and outlet hole
sizes out to also be known It seems 2 - 3" holes per panel ought to do
it, 2 each for the inlet bottom and 2 for the outlet top. This way I
could use 1 each in/out for each floor. 

....Plastic?? Foam, wood? Wind!!
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On Monday, December 16, 2013 at 1:02 PM, "Bob Waldrop"  wrote:A back
of the envelope calculation would be the area of south-facing glazing
(or plastic) times the figure for btu's sq ft from my previous email,
which gives you a btu gain per hour.  It's not perfect, because if the
sides and roof aren't insulated you lose heat through the roof and the

There is benefit from air locking your door but I am not sure how to
calculate that.  There are at least three energy conservation benefits
 -- it acts as a "shelter" preventing cold winds from hitting your
wall and door, you'll get less of a sudden exit of warmth since the
temperature differential between the airlock and the inside will be
less, and you will be collecting some btus that could come into a
house via an open door or window.

The long the south face of the lean to, the more btus it can collect
and make available.

Bob Waldrop, OKC
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I like the looks of this gadget. I also wonder if adding a sort of
lean-to greenhouse to the south side of a house would be wise. I'm
wondering how to calculate the energy gain. It seem there would be two

energy built up in greenhouse
greenhouse serving as a sort of "air lock" over an existing door.

I am interested in air locks. This seems to me like something that
wouldn't be too difficult to retrofit to many houses. (Retrofitting is
sort of my current obsession.)

I'm not sure how savings from an air lock compare to any energy gain
from a lean-to greenhouse.

I've read some of iPermie, but confess I haven't read the whole thing.
Maybe the answer is there. 

On Dec 15, 2013, at 3:59 PM, "Bob Waldrop"  wrote:

> Passive solar is a great and very under-utilized resource.  

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