[Ok-sus] The movie the natural gas industry does not want us to see.

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Promised Land is on track to the one of the must-see movies of the year. 

Bob Waldrop, OKC


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Will you be entertained by Promised Land? I was and I think an  open-minded 
moviegoer will have much to enjoy in this film. The acting  is excellent, the 
characters are well-developed, and the plot has enough  twists to keep the 
audience interested. The script is a little  heavy-handed in places. But keep in 
mind that this film is as much about  an issue as it is about the characters. If 
the characters never talked  about or defined the issue as carefully as they do, 
then Promised Land might still be a good film. But it would not be an 
issue-oriented film which is part of its appeal.

The reaction from the natural gas industry has been as predictable as it has 
been puzzling. By launching an all-out smear campaign, they are only helping to 
make Promised Land a must-see movie for 2013. Everyone will want to know what 
all the fuss  is about, even those who have no strong feelings one way or 
another  about fracking and natural gas. Those who do see the movie will  
certainly have more questions about the motives and veracity of the  industry 
than before.

But the natural gas industry continues to be extraordinarily foolish in  its 
handling of the media and completely idiotic in its reaction to  environmental 
and health concerns. Instead of ignoring critics in the  media, the industry has 
vilified them, thereby making them even more  visible to the public. Instead of 
vowing to address environmental and  health concerns with some kind of credible 
industry-wide standards, the  industry has dismissed those concerns as 
imaginary, making the public  all the more distrustful.

With that kind of track record, the producers of Promised Land should be 
thanking the natural gas industry for all the free publicity  and for elevating 
what might otherwise have been an obscure, low-budget  film into a contender for 
socially conscious movie-of-the-year--one that  will now be labeled mandatory 
viewing for all right-minded people.

much more at the olink above.
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