[Ok-sus] U Ask Initiative - Call for Volunteers

Temur Akhmedov okenergysavers at live.com
Fri Jan 25 14:47:36 UTC 2013

Call for Volunteers
Here is an 
opportunity to get involved anyone could take advantage of. "U Ask 
Initiative" is an innovative public campaign concept. All you have to do 
is to attend ONE meeting in your town (City Council, school board, PTA, 
or other official gatherings) and ask ONE question. We have questions 
ready on energy efficiency, building health, local foods - the same set 
of questions that goes around the whole state! You pick a meeting you 
want to attend, we provide questions and you email back WHATEVER 
response you got. That's it! You do not have to offer any solutions, promote any views, and provide any explanations. U simply Ask questions. 

If interested, please contact Temur Akhmedov okenergysavers at live.com
P.S. Don't worry, we will coordinate to make sure that two people do not ask the same question at the same meeting. And yes, you can go for round two, three and more if that is what you wish. 

Temur Akhmedov, LEED AP

Green Building & Renewable Energy
ES2: Benchmark Oklahoma™ Program

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