[Ok-sus] Virus storm

Robert Waldrop bwaldrop1952 at att.net
Wed Jan 30 00:59:16 UTC 2013

Don't click on the link that was just sent in an email to this group.

Since we seem to be in the midst of a virus storm (not just here, but a lot of 
other places), I have put this group on full moderation until it subsides.  That 
means all messages will be held for a moderator to look at before sending to the 
group.  This will be a temporary measure until this latest round stops.  

If you clicked on that link, or any of the other "hey" links, you should change 
your email password, update your virus protection and run a full scan (not a 
quick scan).  If you don't have Malwarebytes, which looks specifically for 
spyware and malware, which is different from virus problems, you should get 
that.  It has a free version.

Bob Waldrop
co-moderator Ok-sus at lists.oksustainability.org
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