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I submitted a proposal for a DOE grant a few years ago for "Papercrete".. in doing research found early Celluose concrete building in Japan and Scandinavia, my husband hasmade some wallboard fron Kenaf fiber and concrete which is very strong and would not burn when putting a cutting torch on it for 15 minutes..sounds like a very good material and system.. are there any tornado cannon tests ?

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What do you all think of this as a building material? It is similar to aerated autoclave concrete except this product is made without heat so it has a much lower embodied energy. I like that it is strong, easy to use, resistant to termites, won't rot or burn, and is made of non-toxic materials. I was thinking of doing an adobe style home using these blocks with a pitched metal roof in a light color with heat reflective paint (similar to the Territorial style adobe homes in northern New Mexico). 

Thoughts - pro or con?


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