[Ok-sus] New York plans $20 billion plan to increase the city's persistence to damage

Bob Waldrop bob at bobwaldrop.net
Tue Jun 11 21:33:49 UTC 2013

Mayor Bloomberg of New York today unveiled a proposed $20 billion plan 
to build and strengthen NYC defenses against extreme storms and 
flooding.  Expensive no doubt, but so is recovery after storms, as they 
are discovering now.


That's what is called leadership.

Meanwhile, here in Oklahoma, our city councils won't even make storm 
shelters mandatory in new construction.

Our state legislature won't make storm shelters mandatory in our schools 
and won't spend any money for that.  They will spend money to send the 
Governor and her cronies in the Chamber of Commerece et all to the Paris 
Air Show, at a cost of $400/night for hotel and $188/day for meals, plus 
first class air fare.  BUT NOT ONE PENNY to shelter kids from a storm.

That's why this state is headed to the ash heap of history.  We have the 
same problem in Oklahoma that the Russians had before 1989. They had a 
government that put ideology before reality.  So do we.

That's why we have to look out for ourselves.

Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City http://www.ipermie.net -- How to permaculture 
your urban lifestyle

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