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NB: Do you have a blog or publication relating to food or sustainability in 
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 Bob Waldrop
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See this release online at 
http://www.oklahomafood.coop/pdf/2013meetingpressrelease.pdf .
Press Release – for immediate use, March 4, 2013
For more information, contact Bud Scott, press liaison, at 405-445-9435, 
bud at okfarmandfood.  Bob Waldrop may be contacted at 405-200-8155.
Oklahoma Food Cooperative holds its tenth Annual Meeting, elects Bob Waldrop as 
President, and Patrice Whittle and Angela Kahle-Mendoza as members of the Board 
of Directors.  The Oklahoma Food Cooperative wasthe first Coop in the US to only 
sell local grown or made food and non-food items.
The Oklahoma Food Cooperative held its tenth annual meeting on March 2, 2013, at 
the historic ballroom of the Old Farmers Market building. Attended by members 
from across the state, the event began with a “Meet Greet and Eat” featuring 
coop producers offering samples and educational exhibits about their products 
and farms.
The Oklahoma Food Cooperative is the largest local food coop in the US.  The 
4,500+ members can choose each month from more than 4,000 grown or made in 
Oklahoma food and non-food items.  The Cooperative operates an online order 
system linked with a mostly volunteer delivery system that has 48 pickup sites 
around the state.
The primary business of the Meeting was to elect a new president and members of 
the Board of Directors.  Bob Waldrop, one of the founders of the organization 
and its first president, was elected as president.  Patrice Whittle, who 
operates Double R Farms in Asher, and sells beef, pork, poultry, and eggs 
through the Coop, was elected to a three year board position. Angela 
Kahle-Mendoza grows fruit and vegetables and raises chickens for eggs on a farm 
near Newkirk.
About the Cooperative, Waldrop says, “The Oklahoma Food Cooperative offers its 
members the opportunity to buy safe, healthy, and nutritious food directly from 
Oklahoma farmers and producers. We are a grassroots economic development program 
re-weaving the links that once united rural and urban Oklahomans.”
The Oklahoma Food Cooperative will participate in the Farmers' Market District 
Spring Fest, set for April 21st, from 11 AM to 7 PM. 

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