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A great new site from ASPO-USA.
 Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City
http://www.ipermie.net -- How to permaculture your urban lifestyle

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New Video Site - PeakOil.TV  
Now find past conference presentations, webinars,
and other great videocontent all in oneplace!

Dear Bob,

We are very pleased to unveil PeakOil.TV, a new home for all of our video 
recordings--including past conference sessions, webinars, and the best 
multi-media information we can find.

Check out some of the classic and still compelling talks from the first ASPO-USA 
conferences--with featured speakers like Matt Simmons, Jeremy Gilbert, Michael 
Rodgers, and dozens of others.  All ASPO-USA conferences for which video 
recordings are available are now organized in one central easy-to-use location.

Most of the content is FREE. To help cover our costs and allow ASPO-USA to keep 
providing high-quality information and educational resources, we are offering 
certain "premium content" to paid subscribers, with special discounts to 
ASPO-USA members and conference attendees.

Tell us how you like the site at info at aspousa.org.  If you really like it, and 
would like to see us do even more to bring together cutting-edge experts to help 
America understand and adapt to an oil-constrained world, please show your 
appreciation with a tax-deductible donation.

With regards,

Jan Lars Mueller
Executive Director, ASPO-USA

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