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Wed Mar 13 00:18:35 UTC 2013

I am fuming. I got the e-mail you will find below from Senator Inhofe when I
wrote regarding his position on global warming. My reply e-mail is also
below. I know that it doesn't do any good to argue with him on this subject
as he wrote a whole book of bullsh**t on the subject. However, I just can't
stand it that he thinks he can throw out these lies to his constituents and
get away with it. Does he think we are all stupid? I guess if they keep
reducing education funding maybe they will get a generation that is stupid
enough to accept his phony baloney.
I wish everyone would write to him and give him the facts of which he seems
to be ignorant. Maybe, at least he would begin to figure out that there are
people in Oklahoma who cannot be duped by him and others like him with their
hands in the pockets of oil and gas.
Ugh. thanks for letting me vent.
From: Vicke Adams [mailto:vicke at vickeadams.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 7:06 PM
To: 'Jim_Inhofe at inhofe.senate.gov'
Subject: RE: Responding to your message
Dear Senator Inhofe,
The "leak" by blogger Alec Rawls took one sentence from a large IPCC report
and used it out of context to try to support his uneducated view of climate
change. In fact, there was no manipulation of data by scientists as you
claim. No credible, science-educated person agrees with that view.  Michael
Mann, a climatologist and the director of Earth System Science Center at
Pennsylvania State University stated that solar forcing has been flat over
the past fifty years during which we've seen the greatest amount of warming.
He said that there was nothing in the new IPCC report that in any way calls
that conclusion into question.
Furthermore, former climate change skeptic and physics professor, Richard
Muller, PhD, in a study heavily funded by Bill Gates and the Koch Charitable
Foundation, came to the conclusion that not only is climate change real, it
is man-made.
Muller writes: "Three years ago I identified problems in previous climate
studies that, in my mind, threw doubt on the very existence of global
warming. Last year, following an intensive research effort involving a dozen
scientists, I concluded that global warming was real and that the prior
estimates of the rate of warming were correct. I'm now going a step further:
Humans are almost entirely the cause." 
The Berkeley project's research has shown, Muller says, "that the average
temperature of the Earth's land has risen by two and a half degrees
Fahrenheit over the past 250 years, including an increase of one and a half
degrees over the most recent 50 years. Moreover, it appears likely that
essentially all of this increase results from the human emission of
greenhouse gases."
While it may be true that the United States cannot unilaterally fix the
problem, we certainly can be leaders in the solution. Right now, thanks to
leaders without vision, or those with too many rewards from the oil and gas
industry, the U.S. is behind many other industrial countries in reducing the
causes of global warming. 
As a mother and a grandmother, I recognize that much more than our economic
well-being is a stake. The future lives of our grandchildren are threatened
by political leaders who refuse to accept what has been proven by science.
Please, get your facts straight and start thinking about helping to ensure a
future for both our grandchildren.
Vicke Adams, MSES
Proctor, OK
From: Jim_Inhofe at inhofe.senate.gov [mailto:Jim_Inhofe at inhofe.senate.gov] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 1:11 PM
To: vicke at vickeadams.com
Subject: Responding to your message
Dear Vicke: 
Thank you for your correspondence.  As your voice in Washington, I
appreciate the opportunity to know your views on climate change. 
As a father of four and a grandfather of twelve, I am extremely concerned
that measures to address climate change would lower the quality of life and
economic well-being of future generations.  When I became the Chairman of
the Environment and Public Works Committee in 2003, I decided to closely
examine the scientific evidence as to whether global warming was real,
man-made, and potentially catastrophic, as many were asserting.  I learned
from many credible scientists, who began to contact me about the issue, that
the science behind global warming was, in fact, not settled. Additional
research confirmed for me that the catastrophic global warming hypothesis
was wrong. My skepticism was further confirmed in 2009 when leaked emails
from scientists contributing to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change (IPCC) exposed that they manipulated data using flawed science to
arrive at their so-called consensus claims.   
Nevertheless, the Obama Administration is determined to implement global
warming regulations that will impose the largest tax increase in American
history, generate higher energy prices, and destroy jobs with very little
impact on global greenhouse gases.  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
analysis has shown that cap-and-trade would fail to reduce our dependence on
foreign oil, something its proponents claim is central to cap-and-trade
legislation.  China has already passed the United States as the leading
carbon dioxide emitter, and India is not far behind.  Without matching
efforts to limit these gases among developing nations, the United States
stands to lose thousands of jobs, many of which would go to countries
without global warming regulations.  In reality, unilateral action would
result in increased emissions globally, because efficient manufacturing in
our country would be exported to less efficient countries without greenhouse
gas emission restrictions.  I am thus committed to stopping legislation that
would impose financial hardships on the American people under the auspices
of providing a solution to climate change. 

Thank you again for taking the time to express your concerns. If I can be of
further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me again. 


James M. Inhofe
United States Senator
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