[Ok-sus] my exchange with Senator Inhofe

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My sympathies Vicke.  

Inhofe, Obama et al are why I have pretty much given up on the Washington DC 
governance system.  There's nothing that we can do around here that will have 
any impact on them.  

That's why my focus is on local government.  It's the place where our voices can 
still be heard and where there remains work to be done for hope and beauty and 

There are no quick fixes nor is the way that leads to sanity a straight, short, 
and uncomplicated journey.  It took me 399,000 words to describe my vision of 
that road in my iPermie book.  
 Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City
http://www.ipermie.net -- How to permaculture your urban lifestyle

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I am fuming. I got the e-mail you will find below from Senator Inhofe when I 
wrote regarding his position on global warming. My reply e-mail is also below. I 
know that it doesn’t do any good to argue with him on this subject as he wrote a 
whole book of bullsh**t on the subject. However, I just can’t stand it that he 
thinks he can throw out these lies to his constituents and get away with it. 
Does he think we are all stupid? I guess if they keep reducing education funding 
maybe they will get a generation that is stupid enough to accept his phony 
I wish everyone would write to him and give him the facts of which he seems to 
be ignorant. Maybe, at least he would begin to figure out that there are people 
in Oklahoma who cannot be duped by him and others like him with their hands in 
the pockets of oil and gas.
Ugh… thanks for letting me vent.
From:Vicke Adams [mailto:vicke at vickeadams.com] 
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Subject: RE: Responding to your message
Dear Senator Inhofe,
The “leak” by blogger Alec Rawls took one sentence from a large IPCC report and 
used it out of context to try to support his uneducated view of climate change. 
In fact, there was no manipulation of data by scientists as you claim. No 
credible, science-educated person agrees with that view.  Michael Mann, a 
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