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good question bob. checking the osn website, i see no events scheduled.  there are at least two important regional gatherings this year, the annual spring camp of the kansas area watershed council (their 32nd) and the 34th ozark area community congress first week of october. both will convene work groups tasked with coordinating a proposed continental bioregional congress to be held in the ozarks in the fall of 2014.  oacc this year will almost completely be organised by a new generation of leadership who has come of age, that i am very excited about having known most of them since they were children.

i will post separately about the spring kaw campout, only a few weeks away~  cab, in riverview, tulsa




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Will there be an OSN conference in 2013?
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Key note speaker at OSN conference in 2009 said that we need to reach out to people outside of our usual circle. 

Conferences, public awareness campaigns, work shops, seminars, including recent idea of U Ask Initiative - all should be aimed at broader groups of people

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