[Ok-sus] kansas area watershed council 31st spring campout april 12-14

curtis andrew beckwith chikaskia at aol.com
Wed Mar 13 13:59:57 UTC 2013

from their webpage:

"KAW Council is a 31-year-old bioregional group that cultivates community around all issues related to sustainability. We support each other in living in balance with the earth and sky in the Kansas Area Watershed through gatherings, educational programs, creativity and creative thinking, and all the ways we can reinhabit the places where we live."

"When we started the Kansas Area Watershed Council in 1982, we envisioned this community growing and lasting over 100 years. We’ve made it to age 31 now, one of the oldest bioregional groups on the continent. We explore, protect and celebrate the prairie and local culture. Our not-for-profit status has allowed us to serve as fiscal sponsors for the Kaw Valley Seeds Project. We’ve been primary organizers in the continental bioregional movement, and we published two decades of a bioregional journal, and Ken Lassman’s Seasons & Cycles and Wild Douglas County. A generation of KAW kids grew up with a close connection to the earth. We invite you to come grow with us for generations to come!"

for schedule, directions and registration please visit http://kawcouncil.wordpress.com/prairie-roots/
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