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Prairie Roots: Thinking Like a Prairie

Kansas Area Watershed Council's 31st Annual Spring Gathering takes place this April 12-14 at Camp Hammond, located between Lawrence and Topeka (seehttp://kawcouncil.wordpress.com/prairie-roots/  ). This year's event, which is a family-friendly event open to all, draws inspiration from the prairie itself and focuses on the diversity, resilience and vulnerabilities of our prairie bioregion and what it means to live amongst great changes in our landscapes and in our lives.The prairie, when threatened by drought or other challenges, digs its roots deeper to find greater replenishment in the earth.

Many of us have "walked the walk" of trying to live our lives in sustainable ways for decades; others of us have wanted to but don't know where to start. This weekend will provide you a beautiful mix of native woodlands, prairies, canoeing lake, cabins, and tenting space to replenish yourselves, learn a few new tricks and share time with others on the same path.This year's event will includea group exploration of Joanna Macy’s Great Turning work which is a set of tools to help us initiate and renew our commitment to sustainability through our activism, art and lives. Sometimes looking at all of the issues that face our planet, our ecosystems, communities and homes can seem overwhelming and leave a person feeling despair and hopeless. Macy's work helps us transform those feelings through a process that empowers and affirms both our losses and our gratitude for the diverse landscapes we share our lives with. 

In addition, there will be workshops, small group sessions, an All Species Ball, arts activities, time to canoe and explore, plant and star walks and more from a host of presenters includingGene and Joyce Marshall, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Doug Hitt, Laura Ramberg, Ken Lassman, Rabbi Moti Rieber, Stephen Figgins, Rachel Myslivy, Sean Weston, Frank Norman, Wade Myslivy, Daniel Lassman, Larry Lewis, Nancy Hubble and many others.
Register by mail, online, or when you come to the camp-visit our website for details. A limited number of scholarships are also available. This is an indoor and outdoor event that will happen rain or shine.
List of co-sponsors: Kaw Valley Seeds, Seeds From Italy, Light Center, Southwind Health Collective, Grassland Heritage Foundation, Kansas Land Trust, Planet Drum Foundation, Kansas Academy of Science, Lawrence Fruit Tree Project, The Merc, Kaw Valley Herb Studies Group, Percolator, Kansas Interfaith Power & Light, Kansas Rural Center, Kansas Natural Resource Council, Ecumenical Christian Ministries Campus Justice Team, Learning for Life Center, Sasha Daucus and the Golden Light Center, Larry Lewis, David Haenke, Kaw Valley Almanac, Cottins Hardware. Become a cosponsor for $30 by visiting our website: www.kawcouncil.org

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