[Ok-sus] Climate Change

Vicke Adams vicke at vickeadams.com
Thu Mar 14 00:07:45 UTC 2013

Let me respond with some key points:
1.	What data shows that Senator Inhofe is 100% correct? I am not
relying on my personal opinion. I cited two esteemed scientists, one who was
a leading critic of global warming before he did his own study. The majority
of trained scientists, about 97%, agree with the two scientists that I cited
in the previous e-mail. If there is scientific data to support Senator
Inhofe's position, I would like to see it.
2.	Climate should not be confused with temporary changes, even those
called "weather". Climate represents long-term conditions. You cannot point
to a single event and say it means anything about climate.
3.	I believe the science that supports global warming, I do not think
this makes me, or the scientists, smarter than God. In fact, the Bible tells
to us to be good stewards of this earth. If I ignore a problem that is
potentially extremely detrimental to this earth, then what kind of steward
would I be? 

Vicke Adams

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