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I accept that 97% of scientists are correct in their assessment of climate change.  
As Eric has said previously, however, this venue is for sustainability issues.  As such, if amyone choses to live their life in such a way that is detrimental to our planet, our country, or possibly even our community, we do not have the capacity to compel them to do otherwise.  I have chosen to live my life with a minimum of impact on climate change stressors, and hope that others do as well.  
What I have learned through my involvement with OSN has greatly contributed to my own ability to identify how I can minimize my own impacts, and that is of course what this venue is for.  
Beyond taking the personal responsibility - or responsibility to ourselves, to state that another way - to minimize our impacts on the planet, including limiting our own contributions to climate change, there is little which we can do.  
Senator Inhofe has his views, which do not coincide with mine, but I cannot compel him to change his views, no matter why he accepts a position contrary to science.  
Chuck Gross

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Let me respond with some key points:
1.      What data shows that Senator Inhofe is 100% correct? I am not relying on my personal opinion. I cited two esteemed scientists, one who was a leading critic of global warming before he did his own study. The majority of trained scientists, about 97%, agree with the two scientists that I cited in the previous e-mail. If there is scientific data to support Senator Inhofe’s position, I would like to see it.
2.      Climate should not be confused with temporary changes, even those called “weather”. Climate represents long-term conditions. You cannot point to a single event and say it means anything about climate.
3.      I believe the science that supports global warming, I do not think this makes me, or the scientists, smarter than God. In fact, the Bible tells to us to be good stewards of this earth. If I ignore a problem that is potentially extremely detrimental to this earth, then what kind of steward would I be? 

Vicke Adams

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