[Ok-sus] Inhofe Premise No. 1

Harlan Hentges harlan at organiclawyers.com
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In hopes of furthering the Inhofe discussion I am reposting four items in
which I present four key statements from Inhofe's book and challenge anyone
to provide credible information to support Inhofe's premises.  


In The Greatest Hoax, (WND Books, 2012) on page iii, Inhofe claims the idea
that climate change is man-made and potentially catastrophic has been
"totally debunked," "totally refuted" "totally discredited."


If there is not at least one widely accepted report that climate change is
not man-made and not potentially catastrophic, then there is no truth to
Inhofe's claim. If there is no truth to his claim, then a U.S. Senator has
written a book, the initial premise of which is demonstrably and totally
false. If our Senators openly lie to us and we do not hold them accountable,
our freedom and democracy are in jeopardy.  

Can you find credible support for Inhofe's claim? 








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