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Inhofe has footnotes and references to some data, but Inhofe does not write
many statements of fact. He mainly ridicules those who disagree with him and
describes how courageously he has stood up to those who ridicule him. 


The Greatest Hoax is a sort of a victory lap for defeating carbon
cap-and-trade legislation. You will recall a time when even Newt Gingrich
thought it was OK to be active on climate change. Then Inhofe's climate
change denial took center stage and he became notorious leading up to the
decision on cap-and-trade. After the defeat of cap-and-trade, Inhofe was no
longer competing for center stage. While reading the book I got a sense that
he was basking in the glow of victory.  He presents congressional rejection
of cap-and-trade as vindication for himself and proof that burning fossil
fuels has not and will not have a significant impact on climate. 


Inhofe's book and Inhofe himself do not present much substance for an honest
debate on climate change. He does, however, present an opportunity to study
and debate the degree to which an industry can use a United States Senator
to misinform, mislead and manipulate his constituents for the purpose of
impacting public policy. 


The book describes several of Inhofe's unfounded opinions and it seem these
opinions are widely held by Oklahoma politicians, celebrities, civic leaders
and citizens. It is my impression that these opinions are not as prevalent
elsewhere. It would be interesting to determine if those opinion are, in
fact, more prevalent in Oklahoma. It may be possible to assess whether or
not the difference can be attributed to the impact of Inhofe on his


              I think such a study would be useful for the citizens of
Oklahoma. Oklahomans adhere to the old adage, "Those who row the boat don't
have time to rock it." We have a tendency to keep our heads down and do what
we are told. Much of the time the people telling Oklahomans what to do - and
think - are in the oil and gas industry (e.g. Kerr, McGee, Nichols,
McClendon, Hamm, Bartlett, etc.). If Oklahomans were to find out that what
we were being told is not the truth, and what we are being told to do is not
good for us, we might lift up our heads and stop doing what we are told. 




P.S.        I bet one of the first people say "those who row the boat don't
have time to rock it" had a whip in his hand and was talking to a galley



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As satisfying as that might be to some of us, I am afraid that most people
in Oklahoma just are not thinking rationally about this. Here's one
question..(I have not seen Inhofe's book, but I recently checked out a Glenn
Beck book from public library noting that it had NO footnotes) does Inhofe's
book have ANY footnotes for his claims? I'm guessing it's much like the Beck
book (which I did not bother to read once I saw it was footnote-free).


To most Oklahomans, this is something that affects them emotionally. They
fancy the "wide open prairie" on which there is no overpopulation,etc. They
believe in "rugged individualism" where no one's actions affect anyone else,
thus there is no need for government or any collective action. They believe
in theology that gives simple answers. 


Not meaning to slam your comment or ideas (and perhaps I am wrong,
occasionally have been before  :-)  ... I am at the point where I believe it
is either  1> hopeless or 2> in need of an emotional / theological argument
that employs some sort of different strategy. (I have become interested in
George Lakoff's work if that means anything to you). Here's a link:




Certainly, not everyone in Oklahoma is an Inhofe fan, but he's been
re-elected.how many times now?






On Mar 14, 2013, at 2:33 PM, John Miggins <jmiggins at cox.net> wrote:

Perhaps we can stage a great debate in the state of Oklahoma on this topic
once and for all in lieu of a sustainability conference it would seem with
the experts we have on both sides I would Pay to see Hentges  and Inhofe
debate global warming, perhaps have it in Norman at the Weather Center. 


What could be more sustainable than that.


John Miggins



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Thanks for parsing these arguments and helping us understand how to refute


Here and there on the internet, people are starting to refer to the "hockey
stick" as a "scythe", which has the effect of bringing the issues into
greater perspective, it seems to me.


Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City
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I think that Inhofe's second key premise is also obviously incorrect.  Could
anyone support Inhofe's claim?


Inhofe's second claim is that Dr. Michael Mann's hockey stick graph was the
result of Mann's dishonest manipulation of the data.   


Inhofe states, "The most egregious flaw in the (IPCC's) Third Assessment is
undoubtedly the now infamous hockey stick graph ."(p. 31)  "problems with
Mann's study were immense" (p.32).. "My (Inhofe's) concerns .were
validated"(p.34) .  "It appears to be a case of selectively using data -
that is, if you don't' like the result, remove the offending data until you
get the answer you want." (p.35). This report refuted the hockey stick"
(p.35). "It confirmed what I had been saying all along: the hockey stick was
broken." (p. 36).


Mann's finding of an historically large and significant increase in global
temperatures in the 20th century was repeatedly confirmed. Although his
statistical methodology was seriously and scientifically debated, this
finding was never seriously challenged. In the wake of the "Climategate
scandal" Penn State conducted an investigation of Mann's conduct and
concluded not only that he had done nothing wrong, but praised him for his
work as a scientist.  


Inhofe's claim that Mann was dishonest has been rejected by the institution
that investigated the claim.  

Inhofe's statement that the "hockey stick was broken" leaves the false
impression that Dr. Mann's finding had been contradicted.  







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