[Ok-sus] Inhofe Premises NO. 2

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Vicke -

The decline in the polls that you note is from the opposition by vested 
interests and
their confusing the issue, arguing against the scientific evidence.

Yes, there is a need for lots of public education, but what I'm contending is 
that we
not repeat these contrived arguments, rather that we explain the benefits of 
energy - they address more problems than just the additions by climate warming. 
pollution problem, the oil dependency problem, water depletion, etc. And that 
education include details on how renewables work, how to get and install them, 
how to
get help with the financing, and the local, stated and federal legal environment 
of these.
Concerned citizens leading by example can have a dramatic effect.

- Joel

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> Joel,
> My point was that there is a huge need to educate the general public. If you 
> Follow the polls historically, belief in global warming declined significantly 
> starting around 2008 to around 51% to 58% in 2009 depending on what poll you 
> look at. It has started to increase and I did not realized that the numbers 
> had rebounded as much as they did after hurricane Sandy. However, the newer 
> poll numbers show that while about 2/3 to 3/4 of people believe there is 
> global warming, only about 40% believe it is anthropogenic; this from a recent 
> University of Michigan poll. In fact, last month's Science News published an 
> article about three recent studies that show people's belief in global warming 
> fluctuates with the weather. Apparently, there are a lot of people that don't 
> know the difference between climate and weather. That is why education on the 
> subject is so badly needed. People's beliefs are changing with the wind (or, 
> rather, the thermometer). Also, do you know that a person's political party is 
> the best indicator of their belief on global warming? Only about 50% of 
> Republicans versus over 80% of Democrats believe in global warming. What 
> explains this? Environmental concerns didn't use to divide by political party 
> to this extreme.
> The sierra poll you cited, while not mentioning global warming, is very 
> promising. I am glad there are so many people that do see some benefit to 
> alternative energy sources.
> Vicke
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> Vicke -
> There have been many polls on climate change and global warming, with results 
> differing from 2/3 to 3/4 of the populace believing there is a serious 
> problem. The Sierra Club did a poll, not long ago, which indicated nearly 80% 
> of Oklahomans were concerned:
> http://action.sierraclub.org/site/MessageViewer?em_id=249085.0
> Yes, there is still obfuscation going on, on many topics, but there is also 
> hope. And I see fighting that obfuscation as now a rear-guard action, while 
> the way forward is opening.
> - Joel
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>> Here's the problem with thinking that the argument is over, almost half the
>> people in this country still don't believe global warming is happening. It is
>> probably more than that in Oklahoma. We are a long ways from being through
>> educating people. And there are many related problems that are in exactly the
>> same boat. We still have people that don't believe oil is endless and people
>> still think it is fine to use umpteen gallons of potable water to flush the
>> toilet even when they just pee. Communities still mix their sewer and runoff
>> water contaminating many gallons more than necessary. Many people are not
>> taking seriously the problem with GMO crops or even think twice about the
>> process by which their food is raised. People in this country have been
>> conditioned to think that we have endless resources. We have a huge uphill
>> battle to educate people and the educational process is thwarted by people
>> like Senator Inhofe who mislead their constituents for the benefit of their
>> corporate funders. That is the part I was fuming about to begin with. In my
>> mind it is terribly wrong to use your position to manipulate and mislead.
>> Vicke
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