[Ok-sus] AP: Stillwater deploys goat squad to clean ditches

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Here's a photo of the Stillwater goats at work (don't know if they have been named yet).

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Subject: [Ok-sus] AP: Stillwater deploys goat squad to clean ditches

Stillwater deploys goat squad to clean ditches

STILLWATER — A new chew crew has been deployed to rid an Oklahoma college town of unwanted leaves, weeds and grass.
The city of Stillwater is using the squad of 23 goats — and their 69 stomachs — for some spring cleaning. The city says the goats are eating up tall grass and weeds in drainage ditches and other areas that need sprucing up.

City employee Dave Warren tells Oklahoma City television station KWTV the goats will "suck up every dead leaf that's there."
The animals can get into areas that workers can't reach with a regular lawnmower.
Stillwater paid $1,500 for the goats. The city has invited residents to come watch the goats in action, as well as name the animals.

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