[Ok-sus] New clean energy tariff

Vicke Adams vicke at vickeadams.com
Fri Apr 25 01:15:40 UTC 2014

Is anyone else upset about the new fees that are now going to be assessed on
Oklahomans that have solar or wind energy? This legislature is not in touch
with reality. How and why are they penalizing me for trying to be more
sustainable, not to mention to have a source of energy when the grid is
down? I am located in a very rural area. I spent over $6000 to have a small
solar power system that provides electricity to a portion of my cabin, It
allows me to keep functioning when the grid is down. Just this week the grid
was down in my area for almost four hours. No storms, no explanations. But,
now that same utility company will have the right to charge me a monthly fee
because I have solar panels on my roof!

I called my state representative and senator as well as others to ask them
not to vote for this bill. I hope others were doing the same. What I fear is
that this terrible bill was passed through both houses and signed by the
governor today in such a slick, quiet way that most people probably don't
even know it has happened. I keep waiting for the outrage but so far, I'm
not seeing or hearing any coverage. 

What's up with this? I'm about ready to drive to the capitol and go office
to office registering my displeasure with the entire place. Although, I fear
that I would end up in jail and then who would be here to milk the goats
that night?

Vicke - One really unhappy Oklahoman

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