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Subject: [Green] ACOG Air Quality Awareness Grants available for Central
Oklahoma area
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 *Attention Schools in Central Oklahoma!*

Have you been looking for a way to making walking or biking to your school
more feasible? Do you want to educate students on air quality issues? Now
is the time, because funding is available!

Eligibility is limited to city governments, county governments, public
schools, public school districts, public universities and tribal
governments. Air Quality Awareness Grants require a minimum of 20% in
matching local funds (in-kind is not accepted) and awards will be conferred
as reimbursement.

There are two areas available for funding: Small Infrastructure Projects
and Public Education Programs.

Here are some examples, but funding is not limited to items on these lists.

*Small Infrastructure Projects*

Infrastructure projects must be defined as low-cost additions or
improvements. These small infrastructure projects are required to include a
public education component that informs about the infrastructure project
itself, the infrastructure project’s contribution to improved air quality
and/or the importance of air quality.

Eligible small infrastructure projects include:

•Bicycle racks

•Bicycle shelters

•Bicycle lockers

•Bicycle public service/repair stations

•Bicycle signage

•Pedestrian signage

•Pedestrian lighting

•Bicycle/pedestrian pavement markings

*Public Education Programs*

As defined in the most recent published guidance, CMAQ-funded public
education activities should serve “to educate the public, community
leaders, and potential project sponsors about connections among trip making
and transportation mode choices, traffic congestion, and air quality”.

Eligible public education programs include but are not limited to:

•The Environmental Protection Agency’s School Flag program

•Carpool and school bus idle reduction programs

•Bicycling and/or pedestrian safety programs

•Walking school bus programs

•School bicycle train programs

•Bike to School/Walk to School Day programs

(Find out if you are in the eligible area:

For more detailed information on this grant opportunity go to:

or contact:

*Ryan Baker*

*[image: Description: Description: Description:
cid:image001.jpg at 01C8E746.B2403B20]*

*Special Programs Officer*

*Transportation & Planning Services*

*rbaker at acogok.org <rbaker at acogok.org> *

*Association of Central Oklahoma Governments*

21 E. Main St., Suite 100, Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Telephone: (405) 234-2264  Website: http://www.acogok.org

[image: Description:
Description: twitter] <https://twitter.com/CleanAirOKC>

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