[Ok-sus] New clean energy tariff

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John,  What is the deadline?

On 4/25/14, 2:11 PM, John Miggins wrote:
> This is part of a national movement funded by big coal and others, I 
> have been told the Koch Brothers who feel threatened by solar that 
> might eat into their coal sales.
> I personally have always been one who advocates that we need all kinds 
> of energy including coal, even though it has a huge affect on our air, 
> health and water.  It is time to take the gloves off I believe and 
> stand up for our rights as individuals to demand that our "government" 
> do the bidding of the people not the corporations or wealthy.
> One solutions for those concerned is to go solar now, and we have 
> small packages starting at $1500 to get you in under the deadline.
> All energy is solar, oil, coal, wind, biomass, are all the stored 
> energy of the sun or the suns impact on the weather, far better to use 
> the energy directly as it is given to us than wait to dig it up and 
> burn it years later.
> Does Oklahoma have to be last in everything progressive?
> John Miggins
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> Rachel Maddow was giving Oklahoma heck for this travesty the other 
> night.   But how many Oklahomans watch her show?
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> Here is what I posted on Facebook when a friend asked of my reaction:
> People like their freedoms. While there is a valid concern for 
> interconnecting on-site power generation to the grid, it is done 
> routinely with diesel and propane power generators. Solar power or 
> wind power is not much different. There is a switch, which is mandated 
> by codes. --- You know, some people, especially farmers, will just go 
> off-grid totally. --- Oklahoma utilities are concerned that small 
> scale renewables will compete with them. That is true. They will 
> compete. And you either adapt, or lose. If utilities do not adapt, 
> they will lose. --- Short-term, this will slow down implementation of 
> on-site power.
> Go off-grid when you can!
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> Subject: [Ok-sus] New clean energy tariff
> Is anyone else upset about the new fees that are now going to be 
> assessed onOklahomansthat havesolar or wind energy?This legislature is 
> not in touch with reality. How and why are they penalizing me for 
> trying tobe more sustainable, not to mention to have a source of 
> energy when the grid is down?I am located in a very rural area.I spent 
> over $6000 to have a smallsolar powersystem thatprovides electricity 
> to a portion of my cabin, Itallows me to keep functioning when the 
> grid is down.Just this week the grid was down in my area for almost 
> fourhours. No storms, no explanations.But, now that same 
> utilitycompany will have the right to charge me a monthly fee because 
> I have solar panels on my roof!
> I called my state representative and senator as well as others toask 
> them not to vote for this bill. I hope others were doing the same. 
> What I fear is that thisterrible billwas passed through both houses 
> and signed by the governor today in such a slick,quiet way that most 
> people probably don't even know it has happened. I keep waiting for 
> the outrage butso far, I'm not seeing or hearing any coverage.
> What's up with this?I'm about ready to drive to the capitol and go 
> office to office registering my displeasure with the entire 
> place.Although,I fear that I would end up in jail andthenwho would be 
> here tomilk the goatsthat night?
> Vicke- One really unhappy Oklahoman
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